光纖雷射焊接機就來億權科技 價格實惠,應用範圍廣泛


The CNC-1000 Mini-cutting machine is the same as the gantry big CNC cutting machine. It can cut kinds of complex plane shapes. And it adopts the oxygen gas flame cutting machine. The CNC-1000W Mini-cutting machine is very convenient and also can be moved anytime, saving the useful space. The character has small volume and anti-jamming. The machine has simple program. The document keeping and taking are also very agile. The operation and convenient. And also it has the dynamic and static shape processing showing.


  1. cutting Shape: any flat shapes of steel plate parts composed of programmable cutting straight- lines and arcs.
  2. Cutting Precision: national standard JB/T10045.3-99
  3. Mounting Means: block mount, movable, without occupying fixed field.
  4. Cutting Width: effective cutting width ~1200mm
    有效切割寬度:1200 mm
  5. Length of Rail: effective cutting length ~1500mm
    有效切割長度:1500 mm
  6. Torch: one flame-cutting torch
  7. Cutting Thickness: flame cutting 5~150mm
    切割厚度:5 – 150 mm
  8. CNC System: Beijing START (USA sole investment)
    CNC 控制系統: 北京START ( 美國獨資生產品牌)
  9. Amplifier: Beijing START (USA sole investment)
  10. Drive motor: step motor (Beijing START)
  11. Performance Specification:
    ①Display screen: 5.7 liquid crystal display.
     顯示螢幕: 5.7”
    ②Keyboard: thin-film keys.
    ③USB interface, U-disk file transfer available
    ④2-axis straight-line and circular interpolation.
     2 – 軸, 直線及圓形
    ⑤60 programs and files can be stored.
    ⑥Sup port pause, advance, back and speed regulation in the process.
     支援暫停, 前進,後退及速度調整.
  12. CNC Programming: full automatic figure programming software FASTCAM based on AutoCAD.(Australia)
    切割軟體: FASTCAM – 澳大利亞
  13. Cutting Gas: oxygen + acetylene or propane.
    切割氣體: 氧氣和乙決或丙浣.
  14. Range of Speed Control: flame cutting 0~1000mm/min
    切割速度: 0 – 1000 MM/MIN
  15. Rapid speed: 3000mm/min
    最快速度:3000 MM/MIN

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